Who we are
as a team.

In our team, unity reigns and challenges are our driving force. Each member brings their energy and commitment, turning obstacles into opportunities for growth. Come join us in this dynamic atmosphere where collective success is our priority.

Our offers.

We are always open to meeting new talent! Write to us, you’ll feel like a member of the family.


Join a team where your plumbing expertise will be valued, and every project is an opportunity to excel.


Join us and bring your estimating skills to a team that values precision and innovation.

Spontaneous application

Birds of a feather flock together. If you bring added value, we would be happy to meet you.

At PCI, we firmly believe that the true engine of our growth lies in the passion and dedication of our team. Together, we pave the path to our company's success.


Work-Life Balance



About us

A committee more
than just social.

Projects, challenges, growth, results. All of that is great, but never at the expense of enjoying work. We aim to be more than just a place of employment but rather a junction of self-improvement and well-being. Our social committee works towards that goal.


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our team.

We are always open to meeting new talent! Write to us, and you will feel like a member of the family.