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About us

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Founded in 2001, our building mechanics company has embodied family values since its inception. Driven by the vision of creating a company with impeccable professionalism, our journey reflects a commitment to excellence and integrity. At the heart of our DNA, individuals always striving for self-improvement constantly push us to reinvent ourselves. With us, every project is an opportunity to exceed expectations, to apply our expertise while maintaining personalized service. Over the years, our company has evolved into a trusted force in the field of building mechanics, establishing lasting partnerships and providing tailored solutions to every challenge. We will continue to challenge the status quo, one project at a time.

About us

Our values.


Never confuse self-confidence with excessive ego. Let's take pride in our work, but always with humility.


We take responsibility, both for successes and setbacks.

Integrity and

Truth as the only means of communication; the key to lasting relationships.

Quest for self-improvement

An eternal desire to improve, reinvent ourselves, and bring our potential to a higher level.


Through the challenges of daily life, never lose sight of passion and enjoyment in work.

Our team

Passionate and rigorous.

Pierre Istead


Pier-Luc Istead


Carl Fortin, ing.

Directeur de projet

Marie-Philippe Lavoie

Gestionnaire de projet

James Saleh

Gestionnaire de projet

Alexis Leclair

Coordonnateur de projet

Annie Dallaire

Contrôleuse financière

Roumiana Gros-Louis Kastelov

Adjointe administrative

Julien Desaulniers

Directeur des opérations de chantier – Québec

Vincent Duncan

Directeur des opérations de chantier – Ontario

Our foremen

Motivated and diligent.

Martin Champagne


Sébastien Fillion


Roch Lalande


Patrick Plouffe


Francis Plouffe


Laurence Place


Jérémie Gagnon


James Gallagher


Dany Cousineau


Safety, the most important.

Health and safety are the fundamental pillars of our company, anchored in our dedication to the well-being of our team. We invest substantial resources to ensure that each individual reaches the highest standards in this regard. Our carefully crafted prevention program is strictly followed by all staff members. As members of the ACQ’s mutual prevention, we adhere to standards even on the most high-risk construction sites, surpassing the expectations of the most demanding clients in the industry. Our commitment to health and safety remains unwavering, as we believe that everyone’s safety is a collective responsibility.

Training; the support we provide to our employees.

The implementation of a health and safety committee responsible for new standards.

Providing cutting-edge technology tools to every employee.

Our success relies on our workforce and our healthy and safe working environment.

Vigorous preventive measures.

Risk analysis to counter potential sources of danger specific to each site.

Our community commitment.

Having been a crucial engine of our development, this community sparks a deep commitment in us towards its improvement. Thus, we strive to invigorate it through initiatives such as beneficial golf tournaments, donations to various organizations, our involvement in various social movements, and any other activity aimed at enriching our environment. Mécanique PCI remains constantly mobilized to make a positive and meaningful contribution.

Leucan - Défi des chefs 2024

Leucan - Défi des chefs 2023


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